2014-04-24 / News

North Miller Road Reconstruction Project postponed

The Saginaw County Road Commission has decided to postpone the North Miller Road Reconstruction Project until additional funds become available.

During its regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday, April 22, the Saginaw County Road Commission decided not to accept the bids taken on April 4 for the project.

The project, located in Thomas Township, was originally proposed to widen the existing road from two lanes to three lanes with a programed budget of $2.3 million, which utilized $1.2 million of capped federal funds with the remaining balance to be paid for using Road Commission funds as well as township participation for a water main replacement.

Officials from the Road Commission said that maintenance work will continue to be performed on this section of North Miller Road from Gratiot to State Road. However, the bids received on April 4 show a total cost of over $3 million for construction. Due to federal funds being capped on this project, the overrun costs would have to be solely funded by purchasing bonds. In doing so, this would substantially decrease funding available for other projects for the next 10 years.

According to a statement by the Saginaw County Road Commission, they will continue to work with the Saginaw Metropolitan Planning Organization, Michigan Department of Transportation and other agencies providing grants to eventually obtain enough funding to complete the project in a cost-effective manner for the people of Saginaw.

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