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Local businessman traveling to Asia to examine optimal aging models

Rumi Shahzad Rumi Shahzad SAGINAW – Rumi Shahzad, co-founder and managing director of New Hope Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care in Saginaw Township, will be traveling through Asia to study innovative models of senior care. His goal is to evaluate optimal aging trends in Asia, identify best practices, and bring those practices back to Saginaw. He also plans to share the best practices developed since New Hope’s opening, describing how the organization quickly earned a spot among the top one percent of assisted living communities in the U.S.

Shahzad said, “When we first started New Hope Valley, we visited over 50 leading assisted living communities in California, Texas, Massachusetts, and Michigan, identifying best practices and incorporating them into our model. Now we want to go one step further and look at what senior communities in other countries are doing well, so that we can continue to develop our environment. I am particularly interested in studying Asia’s models of aging, as life expectancies there are among the highest in the world.”

Shahzad will spend 10 days in Asia, dividing his time between Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. One of the primary focuses of the trip is on how to best serve seniors over a long period of time. To explore this, he will visit Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CCRCs. These communities allow seniors to move in while independent, and to transition to higher levels of assistance within the same community as needed.

Shahzad also hopes to continue developing the holistic model of care used at New Hope Valley, which entails physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and social aspects of wellbeing. For example, a popular activity for residents at New Hope is chair yoga, which enhances both physical and spiritual wellbeing. This model is strongly embraced in many Asian countries, and contributes to an improved quality of life.

New Hope Valley Assisted Living and Memory Care Community is located at 3785 North Center Road.

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