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Thomas Twp. care center on schedule to open in spring

By Chris Oliver

THOMAS TWP. – Earlier this summer, construction crews broke ground on Shields Comfort Care at 9140 Gratiot Road. On schedule to open in April, people are encouraged to check out the progress and career opportunities that come with the opening.

“We’re on schedule for opening the facility in April of 2015,” said managing director Hamza Sikander. “We are looking to employ up to 25 full and part time positions and provide a quality care to all residents of the region.”

Until now, Sikander explained that Shields and Thomas Township as a whole lacked the facilities to provide the proper care to residents as needed.

“Shields needed a state-of-the-art facility,” Sikander said. “We decided to open a completely new facility to meet all of the needs of the residents and provide a proper health care environment.”

Sikander added that the facility, which will be prepared to host 57 individuals, is going to benefit from technology advances and more streamlined systems for nursing assistance, communication and documentation.

“The new system we will have in place for the nurses will allow the staff to work together and communicate better in order to provide a better service,” he explained. “Also, we will be installing a new medical documentation system where the families of those in our care can come and see detailed electronic documentation on all of the care we are providing.”

One of the perks the new technology is brining is the elimination of distance barriers for residents to communicate with their families.

“We are having a system installed so that residents can utilize easy-to-use computers to simply push a button and be in contact with family across the country.”

Sikander encouraged those interested in seeing the progress of the project visit the website at www.shieldscomfortcare.com. He added that for those seeking more information can contact him at 989-777-7776 Ext. 4.

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