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Saginaw Twp., Carrollton Twp. police work together to nab robbery suspect

By Bill Petzold

SAGINAW TWP. – Thanks to the help of the Carrollton Township Police Department and an observant eye-witness, the Saginaw Township Police were able to arrest a suspect in connection with a bank robbery.

Saginaw Township Police Department officers responded to a bank robbery at approximately 3 p.m. on Wednesday, April 12 at Chase Bank, 4144 Bay Road, near the intersection of Bay and McCarty roads.

“Bank employees provided Central Dispatch operators with an excellent description of the female bank robber and the clothing that she was wearing,” Saginaw Township Police Chief Don Pussehl said in a news release. “An alert citizen also contacted Central Dispatch advising that he had possibly seen the suspect enter a vehicle. This information was relayed to officers looking for the suspect.”

Pussehl said a Carrollton Township police officer observed the vehicle on the west side of the City of Saginaw.

“The officer did an excellent job of following the vehicle and providing information until other officers from multiple jurisdictions were in the area to assist him in stopping the vehicle,” Pussehl said in the release.

Officers stopped the vehicle on Weiss Street near Benjamin Street and took the female suspect into custody. Pussehl said detectives collected evidence from the suspect’s vehicle which linked her to the bank robbery.

“Through this team effort by multiple officers, the suspect was stopped under controlled conditions which prevented her from speeding away in her vehicle or running away on foot,” Pussehl said. “The Saginaw Township Police Department wishes to thank the cooperative effort by the bank employees, Central Dispatch operators, citizen witness and multiple police agencies which resulted in the safe apprehension of the bank robbery suspect with no harm coming to anyone involved.”

Detectives also continue the invest- Pussehl said as detectives continued their investigation, they also found evidence linking the woman to a robbery which occurred on Thursday, April 6, involving a female suspect.

“The detectives were able to show that she was a suspect also in the United Financial Credit Union robbery,” Pussehl said. “She’s been charged with both crimes. Both of the investigations are cleared up, and she was arraigned on those charges and is in jail.”

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