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Four Leaf Properties acquires three Saginaw communities

By Cameron Kerkau

Four Leaf Properties, a company based out of Oakbrook, Ill., has recently acquired three manufactured home communities in Saginaw. Lakeview Estates, Saginaw Valley and Lawndale Estates were purchased from the Shaheen family in early July of this year.

According to Mike Callaghan, co-owner of Four Leaf Properties with Kevin Shaughnessy, each of the three properties are going through major redevelopment in different ways. In Lakeview, at 4250 Lakeview West., the focus is on bringing in new homes. Lawndale, at 4509 Longmeadow Blvd. West, is also receiving new homes, but the focus there is on amenities and updating the facilities such as the indoor pool or tennis court. Saginaw Valley, at 6160 Davis Road, will be going through the most thorough redevelopment.

“Everything from roads to fences to a new clubhouse,” said Callaghan, noting that the community will become more family-centric.

According to Callaghan, all three properties represent an opportunity that other operators would have more difficulty with.

“They all involve a lot of infrastructure work. They all involve a lot of investment,” said Callaghan, “We’re one of the top 30 operators in the country at this point so we just have enough resources that we’re able to do that.”

Four Leaf Properties is planning for expansion and growth within the three communities. Callaghan’s goal is to bring 50 to 100 units in every single year for the next four to five years, stating that the best properties to live in are the ones that are full.

“They’re the safest and most secure,” said Callaghan.

Four Leaf Properties offers on-site financing through First Choice Manufactured Home Lending. According to Callaghan, residents who might not be able to get a bank loan could still be eligible for financing through First Choice.

“They can come right here and get approved within 24 hours. Three days later, we’re handing them the keys to their house,” said Callaghan.

Callaghan said most people would expect renting an apartment is cheaper than buying a manufactured home, but that isn’t always the case.

“The reality is they can buy a manufactured home cheaper, live in a community like this, have all of these amenities and own,” said Callaghan.

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